May 29, 2020
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I don't have any typical types of publications, but I have some abnormal ones and would like your opinions on whether they are even worth mentioning in my AMCAS application or not.

1. My college is currently working on developing a scholarly science article writing program. I am a part of the first group of students who is taking part in this. My articles are not based on my own research, but are instead scholarly research primers / reviews and popular science articles like you would see in the New York Times Science. They are based on research done by others and are definitely academic writing in the science field, just not stemmed from my own personal research. I have written quite a few of these articles and papers. I have 3 of them published in various collegiate undergraduate journals, including my university's journal of advanced writing (DJAW) and my university's honors journal.

2. I have 1 of my own research articles (Based on my research) also published in my university's honor journal.

Obviously both of these are not very impressive, as they are not large well-known journals, but even though they are still just smaller local journals from my university, they are still peer-reviewed, academic, and go through a submission process. I put a lot of work into them as well. I'm just not sure how to mention them in my AMCAS or if I should even include them.


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Mar 7, 2005
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Publishing your research is what counts as publishing. Papers that are more tilting toward journalism (e.g. what you'd read in the NYTimes) while valuable, are not what adcoms are generally looking for when they think about "publications". That said, you can certainly include that writing as an "other" as it doesn't easily classify itself but it shows that you have some skills in written communication that could be valuable.
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