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Jan 31, 2008
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there is a recent sfmatch post for vacancies in univ of arizona/ uphc...does anyone know anything about this program? Why do they have openings? is it a new program? thanks for any input.


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Oct 15, 2008
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This is a message I received from U of Arizona on 11/'26
"I am happy to report that there is now a second residency program affiliated with The University of Arizona in Tucson. The University of Arizona/University Physicians Hospital at Kino Graduate Medical Education Consortium Program (UA/UPHK GME Consortium Program) received notice this week that we are approved to accept two residents per year."

At that time I had been offered an interview at the original U of AZ program in Tucson. When I interviewed at the original program that simultaneously interviewed applicants for this new program. At the interview the PD mentioned that this program would be very similar the one that already exists ie. same lectures, same salary, vacation etc. The only difference is that they are aiming to train people who wish to practice "primary care ophthalmology" and international ophthalmology. This may not be requirement for selection, but that is the overall flavor. If you are interested I would check out the website for the program that already exists in Tucson.

If you want my opinion (ofcourse you do =)) , overall they are friendly bunch, good surgical numbers in an affordable location, lots of people going into Comprehensive/Glaucoma. Retina is their biggest weakness as there was an exodus of the dept recently. They are in the midst of hiring new retina people. If you are set on a retina fellowship it is probably a big gamble, otherwise I think the addition of 2 more residents will probably enhance the original program.
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