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Oct 9, 2003
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Hey Members of PittMed Class of 2008!
Now that you've decided to come to PittMed, the next decision you'll have to make is WHERE TO LIVE? Well, as a current 3rd year PittMed student, I had to make that decision not too long ago. Like many of my classmates, we all sort of chose our own place based on what we thought we'd like but most of us would agree that after living in P'burgh for a year, most of us opted to move into a different place for our remaining years at Pitt. Based on my opinion, the best places to live in would be Shadyside or Squirrel Hill, both of which are very safe, but I chose Shadyside because it was closer to school and had many cool shops/grocery stores/restaurants/cafes, etc., within walking distance.

Well, I have an offer that I'd like to make to you. I will be doing a fellowship at Harvard for the next academic year so will be moving to Boston for a year and wanted to sublet my apartment for the 2004-2005 academic year! So here's the info:

The Best Apartment EVER available June 23 for long-term sublet (10-12 months--YOU DECIDE!). :thumbup:
Why is this place so great?
It is located in the heart of SHADYSIDE, close to everything, including: Right across the street from the Shadyside Giant Eagle on Negley (literally a hop, skip, and jump away!), 2 blocks from the Walnut St. Shops/restaurants/bars/cafes, 2 blocks from Panera's, Subway's, Wendy's, BlockBuster's Videos, Starbucks Coffee...but even better, a great, classy Chinese Restaurant right on the ground floor w/in the building.

School-wise: has 3 buses(EBO, 71A, 71C) that will take you to Pitt Campus w/in 10 min., 2 blocks away from Shadyside Hospital which also has the shuttle to school, and also within walking distance for those who like to venture out.

Place itself: a HUGELY, SPACIOUS Studio Apartment, with its own kitchen(with new oven/stove/refridgerator), bathroom(w/ shower and bath), living room(huge), dining area/study area, and a bedroom--all very spacious--this is not your typical studio--believe me, when I first found this place, I was pleasantly surprised :) ! Also, there are coin-operated WASHERS and DRYERS and a trash chute on EVERY FLOOR! My Apartment is FULLY FURNISHED(including a bed, desk, futon/fold-out bed, coffee table, TV/VCR w/ table, tons of bookshelves, full-length mirror, and TONS OF CLOSET SPACE!) with AIR-CONDITIONING(for the sweltering hot spring and summer) and heating(for the blistering, cold fall and winter) and FULLY DECORATED w/ beautiful tapestry...a really cool, down-to-earth place to live in...I guarantee you'll fall in love w/ it the moment you see it for the first I did!

Rent: $550 which INCLUDES ALL UTILITIES! I will even include Basic Cable(basic channels, MTV, CNN, VH-1, and many more!) on me! If you have a car, you can park it in the garage(for a small extra fee--you get your very own, guaranteed spot) or can park it on the street, where there's lots of space available. The Landlord is fantastic and everyone in the building is very nice and quiet(great for studying)! If you ever have any maintenance issues, they will respond that day (i.e. need a light bulb changed, etc.).

I LOVE :love: this place SO MUCH that I want to return to it when I come back next year. This place is perfect for anyone...definitely IDEAL for 1st years or anyone new to the area who wants to get to know Pittsburgh better before committing to their own place for their remaining years here...especially since the sublet can be set-up for 10-12 months...your choice...believe me, no one in Pittsburgh will let you rent a place for less than 12 months! I genuinely believe that this is a great deal...I wish I'd had something like this when I first moved to Pittsburgh!

So...If you are curious to learn more and interested in this offer, please contact me ASAP at [email protected] ... when you email me, we can talk more by phone! I am offering it to you 1st years first before I consider extending this great deal to the rest of the PittMed Community! Just let me know ASAP if you're interested or have any questions and we can set up a date/time for you to see the place...I genuinely believe it's one of the best places around! Good luck with everything! :)
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