University of Alberta Medical School

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Dec 3, 2011
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This is your thread.

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wonder when interview invites will go out. soon I think, based on past years... will tomorrow be the day?
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I really, really dislike UofA's email/application system. I can't be the only one whose ID and password isn't working. I think I have about 6 different IDs/passwords associated with my applicaion. Really time-consuming and frustrating.
Free board review books for U of A students -

If there are any UA med students/premed that want some board review books, PM me. This isn't a gimmick or something like that. I'm a US medical grad who just moved to Edmonton for a job after doing my fellowship, and I still have a lot of my books that I used to study for the USMLE. I hate the idea of throwing them away. There's a bit out of date (my First Aid for Step 1 is 2006), but they're free. Only think is I'd ask you to come to my place to pick them up; I live in the south part of the city, about 10 km from campus.