University of Illinois Campuses and Residency Chances

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Walking On Sunshine
7+ Year Member
Jul 28, 2011
Hello everyone. I am an IL resident, so of course I am applying to the University of Illinois Medical School. It is not my first choice for various reasons, but it is probably 5th or 6th, so it is worth me considering what campus.

I attended UIC for my undergrad and went to Urbana-Champaign for my Masters. I am mainly interested in if the campus you choose has any significant impact on what residencies are available to you.

I am not interested in internal medicine specialties and would like to dual specialize, so it seems like I can safely eliminate the Rockford campus. My main debate is that I do not really want to go back to Chicago for various reasons. As an older non-traditional I am over the city. Between safety, high costs of living and all the other stuff us old folks worry about the perks just are not worth it. However, it seems like if there would be a place to go to look better to residency programs it would be the Chicago campus.

My first choice would be Champaign-Urbana, not because I am interested in any of the athletics, night-life or any of those frivolous things, but because Urbana is a nice laid back town and it is relatively inexpensive. It sounds like my most realistic option would be Champaign/Peoria if I do not choose Chicago since I will not be an MD/PhD student.

Anyway, my basic question is whether there one U of I campus is looked on more favorably by residency programs.


Future Urologist
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Jan 31, 2010
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UIC Peoria averages higher board scores, but they all match similarly.
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