University of Iowa or University of North Carolina -- Need Advice!!

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Jul 24, 2006
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Okay, I am a rising Sophomore at Cornell College and am looking to transfer schools. Cornell locks students in at a max of 15 semester hours, which for me is a pain in the ass as I know I can handle 18 and they have a very small courseload to choose from.

As such, I am looking to transfering to the University of Iowa or the University of North Carolina. I have residency in NC, but I've spoken with the reistrar's office at length at UoI and they've made it known that if I apply for Iowa residency, I will be accepted.

I'm 21 years old and have served in the Army, held full time employment in Iowa, filed state taxes, etc. Though I've been careful with it and also filed state taxes in NC and maintain license, insurance, and voted.

I've toured both campuses and met with faculty and students, I am probably equally in love with both schools.

I don't know a lot about both schools Pre-MD and medical schools as well, I know they're both ranked in the Top 50 or so.

UoI has made it a known practice to permit premed volunteers at their hospital to scrub in and observe medical procedures, and known a couple students who've been invited to scrub in and observe heart and lung transplants. One who even served as the "passer" --- he removed the heart from the ice-chest and passed it onto the surgeon. He cited it as one of the "most awesomest" moments of his life.

Anyway --- I was hoping from advice from fellow SDN members who may know a lot more about Iowa or UNC than me. I've still got a year, or at least a semester anyway before I seek to transfer but I wanted to get a head start and find out some more about the schools.

Thank you in advance for anyone that helps,



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Feb 21, 2006
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I'd do Iowa, but thats cuz I was Iowa born and raised, therefore will always be an Iowan... Too bad they didn't give me such love when I was applying last year....
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