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University of Kentucky dental school


Full Member
Dec 4, 2012
  1. Pre-Dental
UKCD(University of Kentucky College of Dentistry) is my dream dental school.

How hard is it getting into UKCD dental school?

What is the average GPA, and DAT score?

and Do they prefer more ECs or GPA/DAT score?

Bobby Fischer

Full Member
Jun 15, 2011
research the information in the sticky links on the homepage of this predental forum. All the answers are there. Might start clicking on the 'miniguide to US dental schools':luck:

Might also get ahold of the ADEA Official guide to dental schools to see the stats you want and how all ~60 schools stack up plus some additional useful info. I know my state university library has a copy if you don't want to buy look it up.


New Member
Dec 2, 2013
Hello everyone I was admitted to UK and had some questions for current students about the program
1. When do you start clinic on your own? and how comfortable are you guys with your skills at that point?
2. Does the faculty give some leeway once you start working on patients or are they on you the whole time.
3. What are their clinic requirements to graduate, how many crowns and prosthetic units do guys need.
4. How much modern technology does UK have at your disposable cerec, cad/cam technology, itero. How much aesthetic work are you required to do?

Any feedback you may have would be great!!
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