University of Louisville vs University of Utah Md/PhD

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Oct 31, 2022
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I'm still interviewing at different programs, but from my interviews so far I want to hear y'all's perspective of University of Louisville MD-PhD vs University of Utah MDphD. Both have great PI's I'd love to work with.

Stipend~ 32,000 + an additional 5 once the f30 grant is written
Beautiful scenery and seems to be a cool place to live
Just got their MSTP funding
Terrific, and many, many options for research
I'm trying to move with my friend who would have difficulty getting into Utah's grad program

Stipend ~30,000
Also great research
Slightly closer to family (Drive is 8ish hours)
Easier for my friend to get into and to move out together

Doesn't seem as well ranked as Utah
Doesn't seem to have as much research as Utah
Less organized than Utah?

Any thoughts of other people's perspectives would be highly appreciated!!!

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Utah without a doubt, especially if it’s a MSTP and Louisville isn’t. Regardless, better research, better location (Utah is gorgeous), and more money. Plus, their hospital system is one of the better ones out west. Moving is something you would only do twice in 6-8 years.

The friend is what complicates it. However, I think this incredible opportunity for you is worth the slight inconvenience with your friend. If anything, make a road trip out of it and that would be à memory both of you remember forever.
I'm not sure about Utah but I did undergrad and my Masters + a bunch of research at Louisville, and I can say that it's a great city :)