University of Maryland (Baltimore) or UC Denver?? I really need your help guys!


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Jun 21, 2009
I've been thinking all day as to which whould be a better option. Both schools are good and I'm an out-of-state student to both. Please help me!


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Oct 14, 2009
This is funny that you started this thread as I am having a VERY difficult time making this same decision as well! I am interested in non-retail pharmacy and I feel that Maryland would be the best for that, however Denver is such an amazing place to live. What to do, what to do???

Can anyone advise me on how important a school's repuatation is for future jobs or residencies, assuming that you perform the same and get invloved in the same amount of extra-curriculars?



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Jan 12, 2009
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I also had a tough decision to make between CU and another school (creighton). From talking to current students, to talking to pharmacist, I was advised that no matter where you decide to go, you will have an opportunity to do what you want in the pharmacy field. Both are great schools, and both will educate you properly, and will give you the opportunities you need. so with that being said, it comes down to where you feel most comfortable, and will be the most happy.

You have to make a list of important factors, and weigh each item on the list. for example,

close to home/family or far away and how important is this criteria.

Prestige of program (does one program have more to offer you than the other?)

cost of school (which is cheaper, does finances play a big part in your decision?)

factors like these are critical in making your decision.

I choose CU over creighton becasue it was better in two important categories, close to family and cheap. And i was assured by many people that whether I choose CU or creighton, or Iowa, or any program, I would have the same ooportunity to advance in the profession no matter where I went. with that being said, the prestige of the program was not an important factor to me. so I based it off of comfort and cost.

anyway, make a list of important factors, and then decide which school has more of those criteria and which of those factors are the most important to you.

Lastly, where ever you decide to go, if you have a positive attitude and work hard, you will be successful and achieve your goals!

good luck!


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Jun 25, 2009
Prestige is a factor to an extent. Although hard work and character will ultimately determine what doors may open for you, reputation gives you a little leg up. Especially since everyone is freaking out about surplus (which I won't get into cuz that's been beaten to death), anything to help you seem more competitive down then line is helpful. However, if you plan on going retail, reputation will matter much less. Ask yourself what factors are most important to you (cost, reputation, location, curriculum, rotation sites, etc). Do whatever feels right for you personally and professionally. It will be your life for the next 4 years!