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University of Maryland, George Washinton University


Junior Member
15+ Year Member
I'm a MS3 from DO school and interested in Anesthesiology. I wonder if anyone has any information about the programs in Greater Baltimore area, especially University of Maryland and George Washington University. Are they DO friendly and if they require USMLE for interview. Any information would be appreciated.

I have average COMLEX score, average class rank and mostly HPs on the first three years.



Junior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 16, 2004

I am a 4th year DO student and just matched at PENN for anesthesia. I interviewed at University of MD this year, and they did seem DO friendly. A classmate of mine matched there this year. From my experience, I did not feel that GW as very DO friendly. I had above average stats (95th percentile on COMLEX, ranked 3rd in my med school class), and was offered interviews at many top programs including Penn, Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, but not at GW--I could only chalk this up to being a DO. As an aside, I have a good friend who matched at Georgetown for OBGYN (also a DO)...similar stats as mine...she didn't get an interview at GW for OBGYN. It's kind of amusing that they didn't fill through the match for either specialty this year!

Hope this helps...
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7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Apr 11, 2001
I applied to neither program but friends who did liked the U of M a lot (for other programs than anesthesiology). Apparently they're pretty nice in general, good hospital layout, etc.

GWU I have NOT heard lovely things about. I'm sure they've got a good rep with solid experiences for residents, but their surgery dept. is rough as hell and you'll be working with them constantly. I'd try to do a day-visit if possible, or even a rotation there.

Best of luck.
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