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Jul 23, 2002
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Okay, I had my interview with them this past Tuesday. Overall, it was a good experience...and I don't think I would mind going there, even if I wasn't a Maryland resident (in-state tuition).

The day started at 8:30 with an hour session with the Admissions Dean - Dr. Wilson. She's very personable. She's go around the room and ask you to introduce yourself and will engage in some small banter with you. She's seems like one of those people who never forgets a name and its evident that she has read up on everyone's application beforehand. The session included a power point presentation about why you should go to Maryland. She seems to have a good rapport with the dental students as well.

Next, the group of interviewees (10-15) split up into 3 groups and rotated doing one of the following
1) Tour of the School
2) Observing a D4 during clinic
3) Interview with a faculty member and a dental student. I think it's usually 2 faculty members + student, but for us it was just one faculty member + student.

The interview itself was more on the formal side. which I think may be better in some instances because they asked questions which I anticipated based on my application. Student and Faculty member took turns asking the basic questions about your interest in dentistry, extra curriculars, grades, and manual cdexterity. They'll take down copious notes while you speak. Don't let that distract you. At the end, the y gave you the chance to ask questions. After that, theey give you the last word. He left it open for me to say anything I wanted. You could elaborate on a previous question or talk about something that you may have wanted to mention but wasn't talked about. It took about 25 min and you were back with the group.

After all of this, you get lunch with a whole bunch of dental students. Some are with the student you were observing at clinic. Ther ewas also one admissions faculty member at lunch as well. After that, your done. You just check back with Mrs. Brown, Admissions Director, and your free to go. :)


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May 15, 2002
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i have interview in next month.
I am very nervous about that. so I postpone the interview.
i will have my first interview at NJ in 2 weeks.
I am so jealous of who had already interviews.


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Sep 24, 2002
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I have an interview at U of Maryland at the beginning of November....I was wondering if the interview was one-on-one? also, can u give me any advice about temple university's interview? thanx
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