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University of Maryland stats?


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Aug 22, 2005
    MSAR sez:
    Avg. BCPM GPA: 3.65
    Avg. Cum. CPA: 3.69
    Avg. MCAT: 31Q

    2505 OOS applicants: 212 OOS interviewees: 35 OOS matriculants

    USNews sez:
    Avg. MCAT: 30.4
    Out-of-state: 2,687 Applicants: 215 interviewees: 117 acceptances: 36 matriculants
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    Oct 27, 2005
    1. Medical Student
      Vizsla said:
      Did anyone else just receive the "Your application is on hold and will be periodically reviewed" email from Univ MD? :confused:

      Me too... Is this the appropriate time to send a letter of interest asking them to please, PLEASE give me an interview? :(


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      Nov 26, 2005
      1. Medical Student
        Im so scared bc they stop interviewing in march so i guess if i dont hear anything by late january/early february then its over.... really sucks since its my number one choice :(


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        Oct 2, 2005
          I got the hold email too, and that SUCKS! Well, it doesn't COMPLETELY suck because it means there's still hope. But I hate that the ball is back in my court-- that now I have to figure out what additional materials to send in support of my app. Another letter? Ooooh, I hate this! I liked the fact that it was time to just sit back and let them decide whether they want me or not. I'm... just... too... tired... to... fight... *Sniff*


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          Apr 16, 2005
          1. Medical Student
            I was at the UMD interview day, and they told us about the statistics for OOS applicants (I'm not OOS). They interview about 300 OOS and give about 120 acceptances. About 20-30 matriculate.
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