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May 24, 2007
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    Anyone have an opinion of this program? What's the overall impression as to how good of a gas program it is? I'm a student from the NE and am trying to do 2 aways. I am definitely doing 1 in NYC, but am trying to also do an away at Hopkins since my girlfriend lives in Baltimore. If I do not get the away at Hopkins, is UMD worth looking into as an acceptable alternative? Or would I be better served just doing 2 aways in NYC?


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    Feb 3, 2011
      If you're a solid candidate, UMd is not a place you need to do an away rotation to be competitive there. Its a good university program known for its trauma; its definitely respected in the northeast. That said, its in Baltimore. Not many people want to live there, so its not super competitive.

      If you want to go to a NYC program, you're better off doing two NYC aways as those are always more competitive. I don't buy into doing away rotations to "check a program" out-- I think you can get a good enough picture from interview day (and potentially a second look if needed) to know if a program is for you or not.


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      Jan 24, 2003
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        Hopefully you get the away at Hopkins. If not, do the other one in NYC if you're concerned about being competitive there. If that's not a big issue and you want to hang out with your girlfriend in the same city for a month, do it at Maryland if Hopkins doesn't work out-- but NOT becauseyou want to make yourself competitive there. not necessary unless you're a below average applicant.
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