University of Michigan vs Washington State University

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Mar 28, 2011
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Hi all, hopefully there will be some input from you guys. I got accepted into both school and having a hard time to decide between UM and Washington State Univ (WSU). They are both great and good to me. Dont know which one should i go for? If anyone is currently going to UM, can you please tell me if you like the school as well as those going to Washington. Thank you for your time.

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UM is certainly a great school. They have a great PharmD program and Ann Arbor is a nice town to live in. If you're attending as an out-of-state student, however, your tuition and living expenses may cost you an arm and a leg.
I did my undergrad at WSU and am going there this fall for Pharm school. WSU is a great pharmacy school. Im not sure where you did your interview but Pullman (first 2 years) is a small town pretty much wheat fields and a college lol but I love Pullman you get a real feel of community and closeness there. Spokane is a bigger city and has great hospitals if your intrested in clinical (lots of opportunities there)
Hope that helps.