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University of Minnesota Duluth class of 2015

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Full Member
Nov 8, 2010
Eau Claire, WI
  1. Pre-Medical
    Congrats guys!

    Duluth is my dream school in my favorite city next to my favorite lake!Rural Med all the way right?

    Out of curiosity, are you both from Minn because i heard they're not so friendly towards OOS (im from WI).

    Also, do you plan to go into FP or pursue other post-grads?

    Thanks, and again, woo hoo!


    New Member
    Nov 12, 2010
    1. Pre-Medical
      I am actually a Wisconsin resident too - but I don't think they held it against me too much because I'm from the Superior/Duluth area. My plan is definitely rural family practice, so Duluth was my #1 choice as well. Good luck to you!


      New Member
      Nov 10, 2010
      1. Pre-Medical
        I was accepted to the med school back in October. I am a Minnesota resident from the Duluth area. I'm not definitely set on rural care, but I'm keeping my options open and considering practicing in a rural community in the future. Good luck to everyone and can't wait to meet everyone this fall!!
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