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Kluver Bucy

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Dec 27, 2001
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UMKC was my big surprise on the interview trail. I heard next to nothing about this program, and couldn't find much on their website. I loved the town (should have applied to KUMC too). Comfortable, inexpensive, very friendly people. I also genuinely enjoyed all the faculty I met. I was also impressed with their new facilities. I'm tempted to rank this program high - maybe #1, but nobody knows anything about it, and that may be an issue come fellowship time. What do you think? Yes, I know that there was one review done on scutwork.com.


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Jan 19, 2007
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I don't know much about the program, but I went to medical school at UMKC and spent a lot of time doing psych rotations at the old state hospital (they broke ground for the new building after I left). I enjoyed my rotations a lot and learned quite a bit from the residents. The faculty were very friendly and Kansas City is a fantastic place to live. That being said, after graduating from medical school I chose to pursue training at a more well-known program. It's nice to hear some good things about UMKC and I hope they start to get a little more press.
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