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University of Pitt


Full Member
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7+ Year Member
Sep 8, 2006
  1. Resident [Any Field]
I know that Andy had posted an inquiry regarding the opinion onUPMC PM&R program- but I thought I'd revisit this?

Any takers?

I know that the program in #4 in NIH dollars, and Dr. Zalofonte (the chair) is incredibly active in the academic world. UPMC (in general) has MANY top rated departments, and my gestault is that the program will be headed up this ladder in The PM&R department.

any other thoughts?

how is living in Pitt?


New Member
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15+ Year Member
Jan 23, 2004
Pittsburgh......are you serious???? Its the BURGH!!!...hahahaha
No seriously, great place to live. HUGE sports city (fan base, not size), great people, pretty safe for a city (most parts). Course its not going to have quite as much diversity as your larger cities. But once again, if your a sports fan, I PROMISE you you will not be disappointed. I'd def consider it more of a blue collar city, but you can find alot of unscale attraction/events if interested. Plus the "South Side" in Pittsburgh, little area with about 12 straight blocks of small bars, pubs, and small clubs (always a good time). Definetely plan on applying to Pitt;s PMR next year
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5+ Year Member
Mar 12, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Attending Physician
I interviewed at Pitt for rehab two years ago, and it seemed like a great
place. Energetic residents and faculty, building a new facility, lots of dollars,
and really determined to move up the totem pole. I actually ranked in #3
despite the fact that it's in Pittsburgh (no offense, Pittsburgh people -- go
Stillers). I'm not a big-city person, actually, so I'm pretty sure I would have
been *really* happy if ended up having to go there.
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