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Jun 9, 2012
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Has anybody on this forum successfully applied to the University of Queensland to undertake an inbound clinical elective at one of their teaching hospitals?

I submitted my application 6 weeks ago (on the day that applications opened) and have not yet been notified that my application is 'complete and verified' for the next step... promotion to my selected hospitals for consideration (a process they say takes up to 8 weeks). I sent the office a short follow up email but got nothing in response (other than an automatic reply saying that their office is inundated with questions and applications for inbound electives).

It seems that they are either incredibly overwhelmed with applications or short staffed.... I'm from Brisbane originally so hoping to get back there for the experience of studying medicine in Australia and also to spend time with family. Would be seriously disappointed if this opportunity fell through.

It would be great to hear other people's experience applying to this school for international electives.

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