University of St. Augustine DPT Fall 2020 Dallas, TX


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Jun 17, 2020
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
    Currently I’m awaiting to hear about an interview. I submitted my app around May 15 (app was officially submitted June 2nd after figuring out I was missing a prereq ) when did you hear about your standing in Dallas ?


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    Dec 5, 2019
    1. Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
      Hello! I recently accepted to the fall 2020 DPT class in Dallas. I am a little hesitant to accept the seat because of the accreditation status. What are your thoughts on it? Is there a chance we graduate and are not able to sit for the boards?
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      Sep 19, 2020
      1. Other Health Professions Student
      2. Pre-Physical Therapy
        Attending Austin Cohort, also does anyone know that actual amount a student will be paying to attend the university? I read online in their website that the cost of tuition is 111k and people are sating this school is the most expensive, but when I look at other university that are private are charging 124k- 130k for tuition. Any input on the actual cost is appreciated! Thank you!
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