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Apr 20, 2016
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Hi, long time lurker here, so excuse me if I'm not posting correctly. I am a pre-veterinary student applying this cycle (2017 admission) to University of Tennessee's vet school OOS. On their website, they demonstrate how they calculate your phase one academic review to determine whether you get an interview. It says that the total amount you can earn is 127, and my score came to be about 81. I can't seem to find the previous cutoffs anywhere! I don't know if this score is high enough to gain an interview, and I don't want to waste my money applying if I won't get a shot at an interview in the first place. I have a considerable amount of experience that includes exotics, SA, LA, equine, and lab animals. I also have research experience. However, if I can't make it to phase two, then my experience doesn't really matter. I was wondering if anyone who has applied in the past could share their phase one scores with me, and if they were denied / accepted for an interview?


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Apr 18, 2013
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The score that will get you to an interview varies by year based on the applicant pool, and I don't think they ever release that information. I was accepted for the c/o 2019, but I have no idea what my phase one score was. They do have some past academic statistics here, which will give you an idea of the average for admitted students. If you want an idea of the phase one score that typically is enough to get to interview, I would contact the admissions department, they are really the only ones who would know that information.