University of the Sciences (Philadelphia) or UNC? Rate the two.


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Jul 24, 2006
As I've made it known in some other posts, I am considering transfering from Cornell College due to health, financial, and disapproval of the Cornell academic setup.

I was emailing back and forth between my advisor today and he brought up The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, we've narrowed my list down to UNC but he heavily reccomends that I consider adding another school.

He said he had a friend go through the school for his Pharm.D and he spoke highly of it and now it seems to have all sorts of Undergraduate programs and well, it's in Philadelphia which is home to several medical schools, hospitals, clinics, research labs, etc.

I was hoping someone on here might have some knowledge of TUotS or maybe a friend that went through so you could relay some information on the college, or even on Philadelphia itself.

Thanks in advance,

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