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May 16, 2016
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Hello all,

I have been accepted to U of Wash's CoreSLP master's program and MGH IHP's SLP master's program. These two were my top two choices and I'm having a hard time deciding which will be a better fit for me. I have visited both programs and love the course structure and clinical experience that they have to offer. I think it really comes down to the internship/externship experiences that students get from these programs. I was wondering what the possibility of getting an internship/externship during the 2nd year at a children's hospital is for both programs. Also, if anyone could share their experiences with any of these programs that would be awesome. I'm from California so I'm more familiar with the west side of US and don't really mind having "4 seasons." Just in general, I would love to hear about past/current student's inputs on these programs.

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