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University of wisconsin

Discussion in 'Family Medicine' started by zindagani, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. zindagani


    Mar 3, 2007
    can any one comment on the family medicine residency program of university of wisconsin ? the pros and cons and if any one interviewed .... how was it ?
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  3. elizabeth5863

    elizabeth5863 10+ Year Member

    Jun 24, 2002

    I interviewed there. The program offers excellent training and the residents are great; they're super-friendly, smart, and hardworking. Camaraderie was excellent. I heard faculty is excellent. There are 5 different continuity clinic sites and you will get to choose your top ones; there will be a lottery but most people get their 1st choice clinic. The clinical sites vary in terms of pt socioeconomic status, age, ethnicity, and common problems. Some clinics have more pts from rural areas and these tend to be older pts with more chronic problems. Other clinics have a younger pt population with more peds and OB; pts in these clinics tend to be more diverse with varying socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicities. Residents will do 3 months of ICU (1 month/year) and graduate feeling comfortable taking care of sick pts. They will also do 1 month in a rural community, I believe. They are mostly unopposed at a smaller local community hospital but they do some rotations at the university. They are required to do 1 project as well as work on an article for publication; most residents choose to do research on something and then present that during their final year as well as write an article on that to save time. They are also required to keep a portfolio where they document their strengths and weaknesses and what they have done to improve on their weaknesses (i.e. improvement on a certain subject matter on the in-service exam); it is like a self-reflection write-up.

    I like the program overall but I wasn't too fond of the location. I thought that living in Madison is expensive and it's too far from my family who live on the west coast. I didn't like how I had to choose between one patient population vs. another when choosing continuity clinics. I like the elderly population but I don't want to have less peds or less young pts. I thought that doing the portfolio is a bit too much although the residents don't seem to mind. That part seems a bit intense to me since I haven't seen any other fp program requiring that (or maybe I'm just lazy). OB is strong there; you'll graduate with around 200 deliveries. (I don't plan on practicing OB after I graduate). I do like how they have electives where residents get to teach. 3rd year residents will take turns doing morning report where they put together a power pt presentation regarding a pt case and teach their colleagues.

    Good luck! :luck:

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