University Program vs Community hospital with Fellowship

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Feb 15, 2011
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Hello. I am an IMG currently working on my rank list as many others are doing I am sure. My goal is to do a fellowship (most likely Heme/Onc) after my IM residency. One dilemma I have come across is how to rank a University program which may not have the fellowship I am looking for vs going to a decent community/university affiliated program that has my fellowship of interest. Does university automatically trump community program even if it doesn't have the fellowship I want? I know if I do a fellowship at the same place I do residency then it might not matter. But sometimes you are not always that fortunate for that to happen. Any ideas or suggestions? If any of you are currently doing a heme/onc fellowship (or any fellowship for that matter), I would appreciate your feedback. How would you rank them? I obviously ranked my university program with the fellowship I want at the top of my list. After that it is kind of hard to sort through my programs and appropriately rank them.