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Aug 10, 2002
Hello Lads and Lasses,
I am disturbed by the notion that the PAT test material out in the market is unrepresentative of the difficulty of this section in the actual DAT ( in that it is much easier than the DAT). I will be happy to hear from anyone who has taken the actual DAT given that from what I have read so far seems to suggest that this year's PATs are more intense.


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Jun 25, 2002
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PAT section was hard as hell last year too. I practiced for months and never did better than a 16/17 on Kaplan and did MUCH WORSE on the real thing. I just don't get that stuff.
No one asked me about it at any interview....they cared only about the sciences. (some schools like UOP will care).
I brought it up myself...I don't have a problem with spatial perception as long as it's in 3-D, as in real life. That was a sufficient explaination.

I still got into 5 schools with a bad PAT. Don't worry too much.


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May 8, 2002
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it's not just this year's PAT that is harder than the practice exams available. when i took my DATs in 2000, they were a lot tougher than the kaplan ones. luckily, i still managed to get a 20.
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I took mine in dec of 99. All I used to practice was this book that i had purchased (dont remember the name, but it wasnt any of the big name stuff) and also the practice that the aadsas had sent me. The perception stuff was simple for me.......did pretty well on my PAT. I didnt think that the real DAT was much different from the practice stuff that I played with. I think I might have actually scored better on the real PAT than on the practice ones........weird.


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Oct 7, 2001
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The sample/practice stuff is easier, but don't worry about it too much -- there are other areas of the exam that are far more important.
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