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Oct 29, 2004
hey guys. i have been looking at some of the other threads, and i hear some people are in my boat.

according to the princeton review peeps, my last diag will be an indicator of my real mcat score if i take it in april. the logic being if i am sucking eggs by the last one, i prob. shouldn't take it in april.

and i just took one last week, thinking i was so going to do so well...and , well, i didn't. i think i actually dropped some. urgh.

this sounds sorted, but what do i do now? drink a 40? forget it? i want this bad, but does anyone have any i should tackle this? take it in august? do more problems? what....

mad frustrated. any advice would be appreciated.


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Feb 24, 2005
If you're planning on applying to med school this summer, take it in June. If you HAVE to, you can always re-take it in August, but you really want to get those apps out. If not, and you really don't feel prepared, you could take it in August instead. However, if you took the PR course, you've probably done lots of reviewing, and between now and August you're probably not going to be able to learn that much more (and you may forget some). The best thing to do is probably just lots of practice questions on your own (especially in your weak areas).


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Apr 19, 2004
Sacramento, CA
My advice: Take it in April. If you feel like you bombed, void the test. If you feel like you did good enough, go through with it but keep studying a few hours a week just in case you need to retake in August.

Otherwise, you will get your scores in June and realize that you only have a limited time to prepare for the August test and you'll basically be in the same boat you're in now.

Oh yeah, and drink that 40.. it's good for you