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May 16, 2017
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I work in a lab full time for over a year and I've been complete everywhere since late July/beginning of August (Haven't heard anything yet from anywhere_. I recently updated two schools that "favor" updates about a book chapter I will be second author on as I got confirmation it will be published in December (I know far away but I guess this counts as "in press")

I literally sent these updates in today and now I found out about a "research retreat" where I work. For reference, I work at a top 5 hospital/med school (just for reference of the scale/significance of the event). This will be a poster presentation and I will be first author. I realize this is not a national conference and its just hospital wide. Is this still update worthy? The presentation is in a month so I'm assuming I would update then, but since I just updated stuff now I'm not sure if this is a) significant enough or b) too soon after my first update

Thank you for the feedback
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