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Discussion in 'PM&R' started by axm397, May 14, 2007.

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  2. axm397

    axm397 SDN Moderator
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    Aug 25, 2003
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    Attending Physician
    SDN members who have volunteered to mentor/answer questions/etc to fellow SDN members with questions about their residency and/or fellowship programs. If you would like you name added to this list, please contact me. This may serve as a valuable resource to the medical students considering the career.

    1. Boston University: Prof Moriarty

    2. Columbia/Cornell: thewza

    3. Eastern Carolina University: Beachrehab

    4. Emory: SJS519, doctim, DREW

    5. Georgetown/National Rehabilitation Hospital: mehul_25

    6. Harvard/Spaulding: Stinky Tofu, electra, ziba

    7. JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute: dotson

    8. Johns Hopkins: theD.O.C., RuNnR

    9. Kessler : Rehab_sports_dr

    10. Loyola: Kelvination

    11. LSU: dc2md

    12. Marianjoy: Loseit

    13. Mayo Clinic: MedBronc23, Brooklyndo2.1, Tenacious MD

    14. Medical College of Wisconsin: PMR4MSK

    15. Michigan State: PeeDee

    16. Nassau University Medical Center: drvlad2004

    17. Northwestern/RIC: fozzy40, oreosandsake, sports & Spine fellowship - Rehab_sports_dr

    18. NYU: Karaoke, stumpjumper94

    19. Ohio State :pMR2

    20. Rush University : Disciple, cbest

    21. Stanford: tari, eddo

    22. SUNY Upstate Syracuse: myrandom2003

    23. SUNY Downstate : webtek

    24. Temple : Taus

    25. Thomas Jefferson: njdevil, J-rod

    26. Tufts University: Rehabdoc, tufts

    27. U Kansas: duncan

    28. U Louisville: bry22

    29. U of Cincinnati: pedspm&R (Graduate, Combined Pediatrics/PM&R)

    30. UC Irvine: SCIronMike

    31. UCDavis : Melancholy, thesage

    32. UCLA: pmRch, Rehability

    33. University of Alabama--Birmingham: ccarnal

    34. University of Miami: goosequacks; kissmyabjj

    35. University of Michigan: Tenacious DO, Ligament, nvrsumr, Finally M3, chauffeur, Jitter Bug

    36. University of Missouri: dtratcliffe, Whirly

    37. University of Pennsylvania: Ichi

    38. University of Texas, HoustonBaylor Alliance: koyaanisqatsi(residency and TBI fellowship), bbbmd, PMR TX MS, jeeva, Euroboy98, OMMFellow06

    39. University of Texas-San Antonio: Digablecat

    40. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center: TX.DR (aka Lady Killer)

    41. University of Washington: mjakec, ASUAZCOM, rxexercise

    42. University of Wisconsin: eric k

    43. Virginia Commonwealth: sportsmed09, distantmets
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  3. PseudoSeizure

    Aug 31, 2016
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    can someone please give me info on Einstein/Montefiore PM&R? I'm wondering about the program, hours/call schedule, pay, education/didactics, and how prepared residents feel with SAE, board review. Thanks.
  4. swimMD

    Apr 4, 2014
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    Medical Student
    I'm open to receiving questions as well about UVA

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