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Jul 12, 2008
Hi, I would like to buy the update portion of 2009 DAT Destroyer.

Question # in 2009 Version
Orgo 210, Gen 211, Bio 350

I have 2008 version, and below is # of Questions.
Orgo 186, Gen 190, Bio 325

Since I am reapplying this year, I only need the updated part.

So if you have Destroyer 09, you can get extra money and still sell your book to someone else.

Simply you can copy or scan the questions & answers of the update part as shown above, and send to me.

(Specifically, Orgo 186~210, Gen 190~211, Bio 325~350)

I can pay $40 for this, please let me know & hurry.
(I have two weeks to study !!):scared::scared:

I believe this is pretty good deal for you.

[email protected]