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May 19, 2020
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  1. Dental Student
Could really use some advice and help with this! Since I'm out of state at Minnesota, the difference between the two cost wise is fairly small (~$10K based on the current budget released by both). Both have dual degree options, both place a priority on community outreach which is very important to me, both have lots of research opportunities. Here's what else I know of the two programs compared:

  • The city - I'm familiar with the city and have loved it there
  • Closer to home and significant other
  • The more expensive of the two, even if only slight

  • Great specialization placement (while I'm currently thinking GP, I want to leave my options open)
  • Selective courses
  • Unranked class
  • Less expensive of the two technically
  • Unfamiliar with the city, but that might not be a bad thing per se

If the cost difference is so small, I wonder if that couldn't be made up with something like room and board so there's really no difference?


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Sep 4, 2017
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  1. Pre-Dental
I don't know much about Minnesota but as a D2 at Penn I can tell you that the didactic curriculum at PDM is pretty exceptional. All our faculty are at the top of their respective fields and we truly learn a lot of medical connections to dentistry. If a really strong science foundation is something that interests you, I would choose Penn.

That said, if being close to home and your significant other is more of a priority for you, it might be better to choose Minnesota. Again, I don't know much about Minnesota and I'm sure it's an amazing school but I don't know if there are as many opportunities there relative to Penn just solely based on the fact that Penn receives large amounts of funding and has an amazing alumni network. But if this isn't something that speaks to you I would just go with your gut.
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