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Anyone here running the uptodate software on a smartphone? I'm thinking about integrating my cell phone & pda (it's becoming too difficult to keep my scrubs up with multiple devices weighing them down), but 90% of what I use my pda for is looking up things in uptodate. So if anyone is successfully using a smartphone (preferably from Cingular) with uptodate & wouldn't mind telling me about their experience, I would much appreciate it!


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May 8, 2004
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I believe (and may very well be wrong about this) that UpToDate will only run on the windows/PPC type devices.

if this is true, you could get a treo from cingular that runs windows/PPC as an OS and probably get it to work on it but I'd wait for a response from someone who actually has done this for confirmation or contact someone you might know with a treo.

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