Urgent question, about leaving and getting back into med school

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Please those who have experience with this subject enlighten me. I tryed posting this yesterday but some mod. moved it to god knows where for no reason and I have a big hunch who this mod is that terrorizes my posts and most other useful posts.

Anyhow in short, I went to a carb med school in 2003, left due to illness (anxiety) only 2 weeks into the program, left on good terms. school goes mostly on private loans, my credit isnt that great and getting credit is hard and now that i experienced what i did then i rather go to a US DO/MD school. My question is, if I want to apply MD/DO, do I have to mention my attendence on my application, if I dont will they find out. Will it kill my chances if I did attend. I have very very limited funds and if I retake the MCAT and apply it will be purely on loans so I dont want to take this risk unless I got an idea if I got some chance with this circumstance in US MD/DO schools.

God Bless and happy holidays.

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1) Your post is half-way down this page. Just scroll down a smidge and you'll see it.

2) The search feature allows you to look for messages you've authored, as well as searching on keywords. You could search for the thread and "bump" it if you want it to receive more attention.

3) When you post a new thread, the system suggests a few threads that are similar to see if they answer your question. Your original post would have shown up in the list as you were trying to submit this thread.

4) I made comments in your other thread on the same subject. I'm not retyping them here now that I've empowered you to find your other thread.
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