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Apr 5, 2010
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A quick summary of my dilemma:

I work as a periop tech. I've been doing it for ~1 year. It's be a great experience working in an OR but I mastered all the skills of the trade by the fourth month. I occasionally pick up new info, but it's along the lines of "OK, now I know how many forceps are on this tray when someone asks me to get it." It's not info I'm going to need for med school.

I was just offered a new position, also as a periop tech. New hospital venture, same company. Same pay, same hours, same schedule. The only plus I can see is that I like working with the other techs I know were hired - they are hard workers and some of my favorite people on my current unit. Of the people left behind on my unit, about half of the other techs are nice but lazy - and I end up having to do their work. With these two techs gone and assuming I stay, we'll be short-staffed (hiring freeze) and I'll be a lot busier. My two wonderful charge nurses are retiring so it will be a rotating cast of bosses. I am BORED. This position is only orthopedics, so supposedly I could learn more about this specialty. I will be getting additional training because the new job has additional duties.

Downside? I have no idea who my new supervisors will be at the new site. The first month of training is insane early hours, and I am going to have to quit anyway in 8 months for med school. So is that even fair to them? And do I even want to waste my brain space when I'm going to be spending the next 7 years taxing it heavily?

I need to give them a decision this morning. My inclination is to regretfully say no.
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Jan 21, 2012
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Really, you should probably go with your gut on this one. If your gut says to turn down the new job, then go with that.

But as someone else who is bored at her current job... I would be mighty tempted to take the new one, just for some excitement. And because almost any job is much better with good colleagues, and no one enjoys feeling like they have to pick up all the slack that their lazy colleagues create.

Let us know what you picked.


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Oct 28, 2010
My original inclination is that I am a "devil you know" type of person so I would say "no," knowing you will be done with the job very soon. The new job has too many unknowns and from now until you start, you want to reduce uncertainties, especially on your well being and stress levels.

On the other hand, you will be gone sooner than 8 months so it probably doesn't matter, do what you want in this case. I would probably go with the new job because I prefer a good working environment to a poor one. The new job might just be better on your stress levels due to the new environment and fun coworkers anyways. Plus you'll probably want some "downtime" before school starts, a month, a few weeks? You'll need to wrap up thinks where you are and prepare to move.


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Oct 30, 2006
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I think you'll be nostalgic for being bored and having too little to do when you start med school.

I'm more interested in factors like this:
1. will you feel like you are damaging valuable relationships if you leave?
2. are there really no opportunities to do more or more interesting stuff at your current job?
3. do you have any chance to meet the people you'd be working for at a new job, which is what usually happens at a job interview?
4. if it was this easy for you to find another opportunity, can you use that tidbit to get a raise or more responsibilities at your current job?
5. is the current or new position likely to get you some part time hours during med school?

Investing yourself in the current situation, vs. just riding it out, may take energy you don't want to spend.

Best of luck to you.