Sep 13, 2017
I graduated from one of HYP in May with a double major in biology and political science. I am an African-American male. I plan to apply next summer.

My cGPA = 3.4 and my sGPA = 3.5. Had a little bit of a downward trend from the 2nd-4th semesters, with two Ws, and a few Cs/Ds, but I have a huge upward trend for the next four semesters.

MCAT = 520

I have done lots of clinical volunteering at my local hospital, clinic, and hospice. I have also done paid work as both an EMT and a nursing aide.

I have about 80 shadowing hours, with various specialties.

Also have done hundreds of hours of non-clinical volunteering (tutoring, soup kitchens, etc.)

I have done about 1.5 years of genetics research, however no pubs.

What are my chances for top 10/20 schools?
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