URM (Black Male) Low uGPA, High sGPA

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Sep 21, 2014
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I hope this finds every one doing well. I am hoping to get a bit of feedback from the SDN community on my chances for the upcoming application cycle (2019). My uGPA from 2013 is 2.3 (not-including any science courses/pre-reqs) and my sGPA is 3.6. My undergraduate is bad due to a host of issues, most notably being the death of a friend my freshman year and lacking the emotional maturity at the time to both deal with the grieving process as well as keep up with my studies. I'll provide a brief snapshot of my application below. ANY advice on how to make my application stronger/schools to apply to is highly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to be as upfront and direct as possible with your suggestions, I have tough skin and truly want the honest truth about my chances/how to improve my application to gain that one acceptance to medical School!

Non-trad URM (Black) male, grew up low income, CA resident. uGPA 2.3 , sGPA 3.6
D1 Athlete in college
MCAT: Planning to take in April (shooting for 515+)
Work Experience: 3+ Years of working in exclusively low-income schools as a teacher as well as the Dean of Students
Clinical Work(paid): Emergency Department Scribe approx. 200 hours
Clinical Work(unpaid): Low income clinic volunteer approx 100 hours
Shadowing: approx 100 hours
EC: approx 50 hours of volunteering with a non profit teaching ESL students how to read, approx 50 hours volunteering with a low income community development non profit, 300+ hours volunteering as a mentor for two at risk youth (*Most meaningful*- I got them as 8th graders, they are now both seniors getting ready for college)
Research: None

Course Breakdown(all taken as a DIY post-bacc at a 4 year university as well as a CC):
Chem I and Chem II- B+/B+ @ a CC
Physics I and Physics II- A/A- @ a 4 year school
Bio I and Bio II- A/A @ a CC
Ochem I and OChem- F(then re-take and got an A)/A @ a CC
Biochemistry- A @ a 4 year school
Anatomy- A @ a CC
Med Terminology- A @ a CC

I am not taking any courses this spring as its dedicated to MCAT review and taking. The following courses I plan to take while going through my application cycle and just updating schools as needed.

Summer 2019
Microbiology @ CC
Physiology @ CC

Fall 2019
Genetics @ a 4 year school

Spring 2020
Neurobiology @ a 4 year school

Obviously, shooting for A's in all of these courses as well.

If you have made it this far into the post, thank you so much for taking the time to read. At this point any guidance/knowledge/tough advice that you all may have is greatly appreciated. Thank you again!


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Mar 26, 2016
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ECs: Bueno
uGPA is what it is but Post bacc is bueno so far.
Looks like you've done about 40 credits and will end up with about 54 or so, looking good on establishing that new trend on being a new student.
If you can finish the rest of your classes at 4 year that would be ideal for the majority of schools. HBCUs I think won't have too much a problem with the cc courses (I did 3 courses at cc during my post-bacc, 48 credits in total), you can PM me for one I know of that won't have a problem with it.
Make sure you do your best on the MCAT and reach your full potential. Give yourself a deadline to take it and make sure you hit so you don't end up pushing the date back further and further. Pre-write secondaries, and have stuff in early. Good luck, I think you've shown some resilience and determination to make this thing work which I applaud you for. I graduated with a 2 something as well but kept grinding. I'm hoping the best for this cycle. I think you got the juice bro.