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Aug 6, 2019
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BLUF: I am a US citizen with a UK husband living in England. How is the transition from Caribbean to FY1 if you have a right to work? Everyone talks about Caribbean to US Residency, but not to UK (with RTW).

Extra details: I have a British husband (still in the UK). He knows of my goals, but he also personally needs to be working and succeeding in his job (makes sense to me!).
He is a Registered Paramedic, and it makes no sense for him to enroll in a US paramedic course, starting over in his career, while we raise our family and I go to Med School.
So today we discussed the possibility of me studying medicine in the UK.
Now, I have prepared for medicine in the US, and UK universities are not exactly easy to get in to as an international (or am I wrong??). The SGU-Northumbria program (in the UK) seems like a decent fit. I would only end up with about 60k in debt due to my personal financial planning (not selling drugs, I swear! lol) and a husband providing for us while I am in school.

So.... is the probability of being hired for FY1 (after all of the testing like PLAB obviously) decent as an IMG with Right to Work?

I'm just testing the waters and would appreciate your insight. Also, if you still think going to a UK Med School with Graduate Entry (non-science degree) still wins, which program do you recommend instead?
Thank you!