US Perm Res Status the key for me?

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Mar 27, 2005
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I'm a high school student that doesn't really belong here and should also be out there in the open exploring other career options... but here I am... weee...

I'm trying to pick which undergrad institution to apply for. With my marks I can basically go to any university in Canada. My top choices would be either McGill or McMaster. What can I say I have a fetish for Universities with an MC in its name. I don't like McDonalds though.
I could also try for some universities in the states. But with my stats I doubt I'm a good candidate for those "top 25" schools that the US News markets to ego hungry parents and students... especially with my Canadian citizenship.
However, here is the interesting part. My sister is an american citizen and my dad can receive his US perm residency before I graduate from my undergraduate institution. Hence such relationships make me a good candidate for US Perm Res... from my general knowledge. Since my ultimate goal is to settle down in my hometown Massachusetts, or New York, or Cali and also since I want to attend grad school or md/phd in the states what choice should I make for my undergraduate institution. Do I really need to go to an American undergraduate institution or does a US Perm Res Status make me a good candidate for md/phd in the states even if I graduate from a cheaper Canadian univ with a good gpa and MCAT.

Your opinions would be highly appreciated. And also some suggestions for US undergrad schools that would be worth applying for would be great... I prefer small schools so I can hog the professor =)
Jan 5, 2002
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it's very hard to evaluate individual cases without having a detailed profile. you need to talk to your school advisory people.

now, as far as this question that is often asked--does undergrad matters for getting into mdphd? i just want to say that in this game we call Life, everything matters.