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  1. Hey all,

    I'm currently a 4th year undergrad. My statistics aren't impressive in the least, when compared to the vast US Med School applicant pool. However, I have options. My question is twofold: 1)If I go abroad (Carribean) what do I need to do in order to secure a surgical residency here in the US? 2)(Pre-med question) With a 3.0 GPA, how high does my MCAT need to be in order to draw attention from the adcoms. (more specifically, a "this kid isn't so dumb after all" response. Ultimately, I want to go into surgery. Quite possibly general surgery. But definitely some area in surgery. I've been volunteering in a large Veteran's hospital OR and I absolutely LOVE the field. Now, I'm applying this application period to roughly 25+ US schools. But I'm not very confident that I'll be accepted (I'm still going to give it 110%). I fear my numbers are on the low side, albeit borderline, but low. I have a 3.0GPA in Chemistry at The University of Illinois, and a 21MCAT(7V,8P,6B). I'm taking it again in August. There is no real excuse why I did so poorly, but I can say that it was completely unexpected. I just have to be more careful this time (you know something's wrong when you finish 45 mins early in biology). I plan on giving it a lot more thought this time around, needless to say. Anyway, let's say I pull over 30 on the August MCAT. I think that this will somewhat ameliorate (to some degree) my status at least in the eyes of the adcoms. How true is this? Or is it exclusively relative depending on the college in question?
    Also, another question that I had was about my volunteer experience. I currently shadow an anesthesiologist that is a clinical professor of anesthesia at the University of Illinois Med school. He is going to write me a strong postive letter of recommendation, as well as the cheif of anesthesiology at this same hospital. It's pretty obvious that this isn't going to hurt me, but has anyone heard of things like this being that "extra edge" that pushes a candidate from being not considered to being admitted?
    I just realized that this is more a Pre-Allopathic question, I'll post it there as well. But the part that is geared towards the people in this sub-category is what do I have to do in order to get into surgery if I go FMG?

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    Every cycle a fair number of US-IMGs and I-IMGs enter GS residencies. They come from indigenous foreign medical schools, as well those foreign medical schools set up primarily for US citizens.

    The MAIN thing in my perspective for one to do is be unique and have qualities that will supercede any real or supposed deficiencies of your education.

    An awesome and nearly sure-fire way to be unique is to be bi- or tri- lingual and apply for residencies in areas with heavy populations of your second (and if applicable, third) language. I tell you, with this, there are cases where such a one will be given preference over a US-MG.

    I suggest you make a post to the tune of "IMGs in Surgery?" on the International Forums and see what replies you may get. Best wishes.

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