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Used dental tools w/ free items from recent grad

Discussion in 'For Sale and Advertisements' started by bleach, Feb 14, 2010.

NullMCAT CARS Tutor, Jack Westin

  1. I am giving away free items with almost every item that I am selling.Check out houston.craigslist.org, under' general for sale'

    To see the pictures of free items and items on sale & prices , please visit the links.

    Accept paypal, cash, money order,shipping is buyers responsibility.I am moving out of state for residency, everything must go ! LOCATION:HOUSTON,TX


    Free w/ ney surveyor:
    Acrylic Finishing Bur Block, 6704-B
    Removable prosthodontics Bur Block, 6704-A
    Straight stainless steel,rigid standard spatula
    Scratch brush for bur
    Hygenic nylon spatula
    5 diamond burs

    Midwest Rhino XP , Low Speed handpiece, Air Motor

    Free w/ air motor:
    Amalgam finishing bur block, Brasseler, 6919-A
    10 diamond burs

    Midwest ,23:1 Reduction contra angle sheath
    Bonus: 10 diamond burs

    Midwest Straight Attachment

    Midwest Contra Angle Sheath

    Midwest Contra Angle Latch Head,Push Button http://houston.craigslist.org/for/1589485091.html

    Midwest Contra Angle Friction Grip Head, Push Button

    HANAU™ Alcohol Torch

    Free w/ hanau torch:
    Hyde, Scraper 3'' blade
    Bite rim former ,Ivoclar

    Acadental ModuPRO Endo kit complete

    Free/ acadental kit:
    Total 52 kodak films, 49-size 2 films, 3-double films

    Kilgore FPD typodont

    Free w/ kilgore typodont:
    Composite finishing bur block, Brasseler, 6919-B

    Kilgore Nissin Operative D95DP-200

    Free w/ kilgore operative typo:
    Pedestal prep Set , white plastic ,(Viade) :set of 12, ideal stand alone cavity preps.
    10 carbide burs.

    Kilgore typodont pediatric

    Free w/ pedo typodont:
    5 carbide burs
    2 Pedestal prep Set, ideal stand alone cavity preps.

    Kilgore edentolus typodont

    Free w/ edentolus typodont:
    Dentsply Trubyte occlusal plane #92085
    Dentsply Trubyte 20 degree posterior template #92231

    Hu-Friedy,Wax up Instrument Roll up kit

    Free w/ wax up kit:
    Wax spatula #31, Natkey
    5 diamond burs

    Masel crown/band crimping plier

    Bonus: 5 diamond burs

    Jinstr Johnson countouring plier #114

    Bonus: 5 diamond burs

    Orthopli plier #083

    Orthopli Bird Beak plier #034-X w/ bonus

    Free w/ vird beak plier:
    Dixon combination plier and cutter

    Orthopli Three Prong Plier #064

    Dentaurum Angle Wire Bending Pliers w/ bonus

    Free/ dentaurum plier:
    Leo wire 0.7 mm- .028''

    Whip mix # 6500 Vacuum Mixing Kit w/bonus

    Free w/ vacu mix:
    Whipmix, pattern painting brush,double end
    7 diamond, 2 carbide burs

    Kilgore , anatomical teeth, half set B3-305,L16S

    Bonus: Kilgore Nissin Dental Model for Perio surgery F9-TFU.3, lower left sextant.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 5, 2010
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  3. GDCH

    GDCH 2+ Year Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    hi I am interested in columbia typodont.
    I show the pics, how much is that for sale?
    plz reply me on [email protected]

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