USF vs Stony Brook

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USF or Stony Brook

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Apr 24, 2024
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Hi all! This is my first thread and I'm looking for some outside assistance in deciding medical schools. For background, I'm from the west coast and interested in Optho, derm, and ID for specialties but open to changing that in med school. Currently deciding between USF and Stony Brook.

USF Pros:
  • higher rank
  • higher MCAT and GPA entering class
  • fastest rising medical school in ranking
  • in the city
  • more Derm matches
  • provide third party resources
  • students seem more social/friendly, admin organizes social events
  • had a better second look
USF Cons:
  • graded pre-clinicals
  • have heard some negative stuff about admin not helping students match/help with specialty advising

Stony Brook pros:
  • better school name
  • seemingly better match list
  • pass/fail pre-clinicals
  • deans seem more involved
  • higher step 2 score
  • had a better interview
Stony Brook cons:
  • in suburbia (would rather live in a city)
  • less diversity
  • take step 1 and 2 at the same time (not sure if this is necessarily a con

Any help is much appreciated!

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