Dec 5, 2014
Resident [Any Field]
I'm applying for general surgery and currently have two LORs from general surgeons. I've asked two other general surgeons to write me a letter, both agreed, but neither have uploaded their letter to ERAS yet (and I've sent polite reminders).

I do have a letter of recommendation from an internal medicine program director, though. I worked with him closely and I'm confident he wrote me a strong letter of recommendation.

Should I submit my application on September 15th with two surgeon letters and one IM program director letter so my application is considered complete? Or should I submit my application on September 15th "incomplete" with just the two surgeon letters and then send programs my 3rd (and potentially 4th) surgeon letters of recommendation when they are uploaded? I'd like to think these letters would still be uploaded by mid-late September (but if they're not, I'll guess I'll be forced to use the IM program director letter anyways).