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Jun 28, 2004
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    Okay, so I've heard that it's best to use a single lender for all your loans. For the most part, the reasons given are because it's less complicated to deal with just one lender.

    My dad thinks it might be because of consolidation of loans being easier if you only have one lender.

    Anyway, I'm asking because I need to take out both Stafford and Grad Plus loans. The benefits with one lender for Stafford loans are better...but the benefit for Grad Plus loans are better with another lender. Would it be better if I pick the best lender overall or used two lenders?

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      I'd go with different lenders in that situation. The benefit of sticking with one lender is really just convenience -- you only have one company to pay instead of two or more. However, if you only have one lender, you can only consolidate with that lender, which means you can't shop around for a better consolidation deal. Also, since your odds of consolidation are pretty high, the one true benefit of a single lender is negated.
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