Jun 23, 2014
Psychology Student
I have my first GRE attempt tomorrow and I don't feel confident with my expected performance (practice tests are 300-306 range) so I plan to take a year off after undergrad and study feverishly and retake the GRE during that time so I can have scores that are competitive with other clinical psychology PhD applicants, because I am not published and have not attended a conference so other than being in 2 research labs and having a 3.9 GPA, I feel as if I don't stand a chance anywhere.

My main question is: if I send them to 4 schools for free (in case I feel like I have a chance somewhere), and then still decided to take a gap year and retake it, will those schools ever actually see my old GRE score if I never applied to their program until next application season?

Thanks in advance everyone!
Hopefully my question makes sense!