USMD student (US citizen) interested in practicing in Canada after residency - should I take MCCQEs now?

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Jan 8, 2017
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I'm a third year MD student, US citizen, looking to practice in Canada (maybe Ontario) after completing residency and fellowship in the US.

As a US citizen, I know CARMS is out of the question, so I have to do NRMP / residency + fellowship in the US first.

My question is, should I take MCCQEs or not? Are there any pros / cons that are substantially different between these 2 options?

Option 1: take MCCQEs around the time of my USMLEs -> receive LMCC, look for jobs in Canada after fellowship

Option 2: not take MCCQEs -> work under supervision e.g. CPSO - Alternative Pathways to Registration

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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Take it now. Get it over with. You don't want to be taking it during residency/fellowship when you are busy. LMCC is now granted only after MCCQE 1, they got rid of MCCQE2. Having LMCC can't hurt in terms of getting provincial license. It's an easy test.
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once you take MCQE2 does that remain active for a lifetime or does expire after X number of years and you have to take it. Really appreciate your help
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If you are a USMD and do residency in the US, dont you get reciprocity licensure in Canada?
As a US MD having practiced in both countries...I would not practice in Canada right now. It is different by speciality, but physicians are not treated well, underpaid, and overworked in a collapsing healthcare system. Physicians are not respected and treated especially poorly in primary care.