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    I would appreciate some info from anyone who is planning on going into OBGYN. Here is the scenario. Let's say, hypothetically of course, i go to a DO school whose board pass rate has been decreasing over the past three years making it a real challenge to study and get a good COMLEX 1st step board score. Should i worry about taking USMLE step 1 too, or just prep as hard as i can for COMLEX and only apply to DO OBGYN residencies in the future. Passing one test with a good score will be challenging enough but i don't want to lock my self out of a residency position by not taking USMLE and therefore not applying to ACGME residencies or not looking good to dually accredited programs. I would be completely content with a DO residency but am thinking about USMLE just so i can increase my chances of acceptance by applying to ACGME, AOA and dually approved programs. Also, if i do take the USMLE and don't score well can i refrain from showing the score on my res. apps? Any info would be a great help.

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    I'm no expert when it comes to OB/GYN, but I'll give you my opinion for what's it's worth. Ob/Gyn, in general, is not "that" competitive (allopathic or osteopathic). You'll probably be okay taking only the COMLEX and applying to both MD and DO programs, assuming you're not shooting for top 10 programs.

    There is absolutely NO reason why you should walk into the USMLE not knowing how you will perform. If you do plan on taking the USMLE, there are 2 practice tests called the NBME 1 and 2 ($45 each) that are very close to the actual exam and almost always predicts your actual score, +/- a few points. If you can do well on the COMLEX, you'll probably doing well on the USMLE (if not better).

    Study hard during years 1-2, work hard during rotations, make key contacts with Ob/Gyn faculty, show leadership, maybe get involved with some research (certainly not necessary). When it comes to the boards, do your research (i.e. SDN). Find out how the best scorers studied, follow their advice, work hard, and you should end up doing decent/well. It's easier said than done, but certainly possible.

    Hopefully an upperclassmen/women can give you more advice. G'luck.
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