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Jul 15, 2002
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:) Hey guys great board! I had a question. I have seen a lot of people with PDF files for USMLE material. Now people are selling CDs with Kaplan material, First Aid, etc. Would it be possible to get our hands on some of these PDF files and distribute them freely for all SDNers :clap: :clap: A lot of us soon to be first years could use them for now, then buy the updated books in a couple of years when it is time to study for boards. I find it pointless to pay good money now for First Aid just to use it as a study aid for the 1st two years. I realize there might be some copy right issues, plus we might not have the PDFs. There might someone willing to scan and make a PDF for us, who already has the material??? We could section it so we divide a book into quarters or tenths so no one person has to do it all... Thoughts:rolleyes: