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USMLE during med school or after for FMG?

Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by dr_dre, May 20, 2002.

  1. (Sort of continuing an older thread)

    I'm just trying to decide now, whether I should do my Step 1 next year, or after I graduate.

    Here's my situation: I'm in a 6yr med programme, with 1st 3yrs preclinical med, 4-5 clinical, and 6th trainee intern. I'm going to finish my preclinical med at the end of this year. The unique thing about my situation, is that frankly, I don't really know crap about preclinical med, as I've been going for mere passes (P=MD:)), i.e. 50 percentish. I reckon I'm going to be screwed in clinical years with the amount of knowledge I have. My plan now is to take next year off, go to USA, do a Kaplan course, study like hell, then sit step1. Then I'll come back and hopefully kickass in medschool. I'll do the rest of the steps when I graduate. By the way, I wasn't this hopeless in undergrad (~3.9GPA).

    My questions are: (1) Would knowing preclinical med (well) help that much for clinical years? (2) Would it be advantageous to do Step 1 after knowing stuff from clinical years, i.e. after I graduate???

    Please give me your opinions
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