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Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by synapse123, Jul 26, 2006.

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    If I get my MD license what residency programs I can get into?? with MPH degree? and what are the residency programs to go to as I have number of attempts on my step 1 and step 2.

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    Pretty broad questions there, my friend.

    First, you cannot get a full, unrestricted US medical license without having done some US residency training. Most US states require at least 1 year, and many may require up to 3 years for foreign grads. See for more details. If you are an international superstar, you may be able to get hired in the US, but you will not be granted a license to practice medicine - only to do academic research type of stuff.

    If you mean you have an MD DEGREE as opposed to a license, then you can apply to as many residency programs as you wish. The programs do not restrict the number of applications, the number of specialties you apply to etc. Unlike many other countries in which there is essentially a quota and in some years, there are no positions available for advanced graduate training, in the US, there are approximately 20,000 residency positions offered through the National Residency Matching Program. See for more information.

    To enter a residency program in the US either requires that your medical school be LCME approved (only in the US or Canada) or that you have obtained (or are in the process of obtaining) and ECFMG certificate. If you are the former, I assume you have some faculty and classmates who can assist you with this. If you are the latter, as I suspect, please see for lots of information about getting ECFMG certified. It entails lots of paperwork, exams, fees, etc. Without this in process, you cannot hope to obtain a US residency position.

    Assuming you mean if you have an MPH in ADDITION to the MD degree (as an MPH without an MD will not get you into any US residency programs), then again, you can apply to any residency program you want. Typically the added degree doesn't make a significant difference when applying to US programs. So conventional wisdom has it that you shouldn't get an advanced degree if you are only using it to try and get a residency position.

    The last sentence implies that you have taken Step 1 and 2 multiple times without passing. Perhaps you have now passed. If that is the case, you are correct in that programs frown on multiple attempts. There does not exist any list of programs which have had a history of taking people with multiple attempts. This means you have to apply to programs which interest you and hope for the best. You can try and call the programs and see if this would result in an automatic denial (ie, having taken the Steps more than once) but I doubt you would get a straight forward answer.

    Hope this helps.

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