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Jan 28, 2011
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Hello all!

I have a code for USMLE-Rx Step 1 qmax (qbank) + Flash Facts flashcards for $169 ($279 off)

The Flash Facts/QBank combo code is VCUQMAXFF (Expires 9/30/14)

(To get it, go to and add qmax; then go to for the flash facts; after adding both to your cart, checkout and use the discount code above. You can also try their qmax qbank and flashcards out for free before purchasing them.)

I will post the Express Videos combo code as soon as I get it.

The subscription is for 12 months. Since a lot of schools (mine included) have gone to an 18-month curriculum with clinical Step 1-style questions/exams starting from day 1 and Path/Pharm/etc. in the first semester, having a qbank from mid-fall of M1 is actually becoming a necessity. Since UWorld (the gold standard of qbanks) costs $400 for 12 mos (let alone paying $200 to extend it to 18 months and getting no new questions out of the deal), it's really not feasible to use alone. Thus, if you're interested, this discount code will help you fill that gap by getting qmax (2,500 questions) + flashcards now and then getting UWorld later. I will also be posting a code for qmax + USMLE-Rx Express Video course shortly.
Good luck with Physio!