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Dec 13, 2010
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Hey everyone!

I have a coupon code for a 12-month subscription to the USMLE Rx Step 2 Qmax question bank for $149, a big discount off the normal price of $248. The discount code is BSOMQMAX1. It expires Friday, 8/21/15 at midnight! You can always purchase now and delay activation of your account by 6 months.

1.) Go to https://www.usmle-rx.com/content/step-2-ck-qmax

2.) Click on the "Till You Pass, $248" Option and then click on the "Subscribe now" button, which takes you to your Shopping cart

3.) On the Shopping Cart page, Click on the "Checkout" button

4.) On the Checkout page, enter BSOMQMAX1 exactly as shown in the "Enter discount codes" section and "Click to calculate discounts"

5.) Your discount should be applied and you may finish the check out process

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